Black leather - creating distinction

Black can be safe choice for mens leather gifts.

Black leather has  a lot going for it, as black with gold is a sophisticated combination. However, with so many black "leather" promotional give-aways, the challenge for Fiona is to produce one colour black leather items that are clearly superior quality and handmade. 

With three different commissions for one colour, black leather pieces, Fiona had the challenge of making each piece look different.

Three black leather pieces. All different and distinctive in their own way.

Michelle wanted a black leather compendium for her husband, which would be functional and a tool to promote his business, Inground Pools. Fiona suggested that a portfolio with a butterscotch leather inner, matching stitching and a black hand dyed leather cover would be more distinctive and classy than using a common tannery finished leather. Enhanced by a black on brass nameplate, this black leather portfolio was clearly different from any mass produced item.

 Top: Black portfolio with hand dyed outer and black on brass nameplate pver butterscotch inner with butterscotch hand stitching

Kirsty's husband is a builder, and she wanted a cover for his annual A4 diary / quote book. The logo for his Borth Shore, Auckland based business, J Collett Carpenter, was black with red and white, so a black cover made sense. Kirsty had seen the pilot logbook covers that Fiona had made for an Australian aviation wholesaler, and liked the rugged look of the black aniline with red stitching. Requesting a hand dyed "grey" patch, and a laser engraved font compatible with Jay's logo, the result was a special cover that reflected his business image and was highly functional for his trade. 

Middle: Black aniline leather bookcover, made to measure, with hand dyed, laser engraved patch and red stitching.

Claire wanted a black wallet for her husband. Choosing a black leather inner, with black stitching, Fiona hand embossed his initials and hand dyed the outer, while enhancing the grain with a tan antique, making a distinctive, traditional looking piece.


Bottom: Black pilot logbook cover, hand dyed with hand embossed wings and initials and brown stitching.