Tannery Finished Leather - Chrome Tanned
Moderate price - limited supply - nameplates only

Sparrowhawk's medium price leather pieces are made from top grain, tannery finished leather, using a process know as chrome tanning (chromium salts). Fiona at Sparrowhawk uses 100% chromed tanned leather to make leather ladies fashion wallets, executive women's portfolios and diary covers. This has been finished in the tannery, often where pigmented or solid colours are painted or printed on, sometimes where a pattern is embossed on the surface surface, and a clear coating applied to make the leather mostly water resistant. Due to their fashionable nature, the patterned and printed Tannery Finished leathers are often sporadically available and in limited supply

While the 2mm Tannery Finished leather Sparrowhawk Leather uses is flexible, it can it can hold its own shape, so is suitable for book covers, portfolio/compendium covers and high use items such as wallets. The black or tan leather inners of Sparrowhawk's wallets and portfolios are made from tannery finished 100% calf leather.

Tannery finished leather can not be embossed, carved or laser engraved, and pieces are personalised with engraved, black on brass plates, or stainless steel plates.


 Left: Ladies wallet with tannery finished leather "outer" and inner & stainless steel nameplate
Middle: Tannery finished leather travel wallet wiht magnetic tab closure & nameplate

Right: Tannery finished leather ladies portfolio with tannery finished calf leather spine & back