Braided Double Ended Walk Tether Dog Lead - Handmade Leather & Solid Brass

Handmade Braided Leather Double End Dog Lead (the Guide Dog lead)

$75 USD

    Sparrowhawk Leather's Braided Double Ended Walk Tether Dog Lead is the handsome, strong, useful lead that will take you and your dog everywhere.

    We were asked to make this double ended dog lead for guide dog training at Blind & Low Vision NZ.

      Using it ourselves, we found the multi function lead to be so light, versatile and flexible. With the ingenious braiding design, there are no breakable stress points. 

      Made of quality Latigo Leather, with solid brass hardware its your lead for the long term.

      Handmade in New Zealand by

      Overall length : 1 metre 10 cms
      2 x solid brass snap clips
      2 x solid brass "O" rings

      Single loop, short handle
      . a regular walk lead

      Single loop, long handle
      . a carry lead where we could loop it over our arm while carrying items in our hands
      . a tether lead where we could loop around a railing or post while having al fresco Cafe coffee with our dog

      Double loop, no handle
      . two position lead with a front & back ring harness for close walking

      Our Founder

      Fiona Ritchie Leather Artisan & Lifestyle Farmer

      It takes knowledge, practiced techniques, and the best materials to achieve true leather craftsmanship. From 2014, when I made my first Pilot Logbook Cover following 3 days private tuition at a working tannery in Sydney, True Leather Craftsmanship has been my gold standard for Sparrowhawk.

      Since then, I have made close to 1000 leather pieces from my Hunua Farm workshop. These include wallets, journal covers and documents holders. Each one is custom made, and personalised for its owner. Sparrowhawk Leather’s renowned Pilot Logbook covers are trusted and treasured by hundreds of pilots across NZ and Australia.

      Whether commissioned as special gifts, business accessories or for personal use, Sparrowhawk Leather’s bespoke pieces are prized by their owners and recognised for their distinctive quality.

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