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Passport Wallet - Nubuck Leather - Laser Engraved
Passport Wallet - Nubuck Leather - Laser Engraved
Passport Wallet - Nubuck Leather - Laser Engraved

Handmade Leather by Fiona Ritchie for Sparrowhawk
Leather custom made to order  - please allow up to 3 weeks for completion with laser engraved name.

Pilots and travellers who want an easy access, compact, protective sleeve for their passport, together with a credit card sized pocket (fits the NZCAA pilot licence). Also matches the Nubuck Pilot logbook cover.

The leather Passport wallet pictured is made from Nubuck leather in the Mocha colour, laser engraved with Sparrowhawk's pilot wings and name, and handstitched in a Mid Blue Irish Linen thread. The "How it is Made" below describes how Fiona made this item. You can select your stitching colour above. 

Nubuck is a specific tannery finished, top grain leather that has been sanded to give it a velvet like finish and then coloured. It is quite flexible, but can "hold its own shape", and can be laser engraved with a name and  Sparrowhawk's wings.

How is it made?

The personalised Leather Passport Wallet is made from tannery finished, top grain Nubuck leather and tannery finished top grain black leather. The Nubuck leather is hand cut to size for the passport sleeve and the back "pocket" is also cut. The Nubuck piece is sent for laser engraving. On return, an edge groove tool is used to trace a stitching line onto the pocket. The pocket is affixed to the back cover of the Nubuck sleeve and stitching holes are punched through, 3 at a time with a stitching chisel tool and rawhide mallet. The pocket is hand stitched to the sleeve using a  Irish Linen waxed thread in a two needle saddle stitch. Then a stiching guideline is traced on the front "cover" of the wallet, and back and front are fitted together. Stiching holes are punched and the front and back of the wallet is handstitched together.


Genuine top grain Nubuck leather, hand stitched with 4 ply waxed Irish Linen thread, and laser engraved with name or initials.

Name Specifications:

Maximum 40 letters. Please advise the name to be laser engraved in the "Instructions" section of your order.


14.5 cm high x 11 cm wide

Passport Wallet - Nubuck Leather - Laser Engraved

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