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Womens Executive Wallet - Tannery Finished Leather - Silver/Bronze/Black
Womens Executive Wallet - Tannery Finished Leather - Silver/Bronze/Black

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Handmade Leather by Fiona Ritchie for Sparrowhawk
Leather custom made to order - stainless steel nameplate

Suitable for:

Ladies who want a compact, personalised, handmade wallet that can carry a large number of credit and store cards with receipts, coins and currency.

The Ladies' Leather Executive Wallet pictured tannery finished, silver, bronze and black full grain leather on a black leather inner, with a personalised stainless steel nameplate and magnetic tab closure.The "How it is Made" below describes how Fiona made this item.

This Ladies Wallet / Purse has 14 credit / bank / store card slots including licence display, 3 receipt / business card pockets, a zipped coin purse and a note currency pocket. 

A customer who ordered the Ladies' Executive Wallet wrote:

I promised I would let you know how the lovely wallet was received. To say my daughter-in-law was thrilled would e to put it mildly - she was ecstatic. You obviously put your heart and soul into your creations and deserve all the success you get, Gay, Rangiora

How is it made?

The personalised leather Ladies Executive Wallet is made from tannery finished, full grain, leather outer and a tannery finished, calf or Nappa inner. The outer leather piece is cut to fit to a genuine leather, tannery finished wallet inner (made in Australia). This measurement will ensure that the complete outer fits comfortably over the two folds so the wallet can close easily and accommodate being full of cards. The leather is trimmed to size, corners shaped,  and the stitching lines are traced around the perimeter using an edge groover. The stitching holes are then hand chiselled three at a time. Then the whole cover is fitted to the inner, and the magnetic clasps are fitted to the outer and the inner. After accurately measuring the nameplate, two holes are punched through the leather cover, and the nameplate is hand riveted. Using the existing stitching holes as a guide, the majority of the holes are repunched through, one at a time with a stitching chisel tool and rawhide mallet. The stitching holes around the fold of the are hand pierced individually using an awl. Next, the two parts are handstitched using Irish Linen waxed thread in a two needle saddle stitch. There is a final trim, then the cut edges are sealed by carefully hand painting with several coats of the wax based edge coat.


Genuin, full grain, tannery finished leather, hand stitched with 4 ply waxed Irish Linen thread to a genuine, tannery finished, nappa or calf leather inner, stainless steel engraved nameplate attached with high wear, nickel plated rivets, high grade magnetic clasp closures.

Nameplate specifications:

Maximum 12 letters (1 space)


19.5 cm wide x 10.2 cm deep (when closed) 26.5 cm wide (when open)

Other Options:

The Ladies Executive Wallet is also available in our limited edition silvery grey / black Tannery Finished leather from $240. 

 You may prefer a hand finished leather wallet with the same inner layout to similar to the Ladies Compact Wallet - Hand Finished Outer. Please contact Fiona through with your requirements.


Womens Executive Wallet - Tannery Finished Leather - Silver/Bronze/Black

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