Pilots licence wallet

Hastings pilot, Harley Jones, needed a personalised leather wallet for his NZ CAA pilots licence and medical certificate.

The pilots wallet needed to be compact and flip open to show both, but the problem was the NZ pilots licence and CAA aviation medical certificate were different sizes.
Fiona designed a compact layout with the portrait size based on the dimensions of the pilots medical certificate. The wallet comprises a front inside pocket for the pilots licence on a sleeve, and a curved back sleeve to contain the pilots medical certificate which allowed easy access.The finishing touch is the embossed pilots wings and personalised initials on the front cover.

Harley was very pleased with his pilots wallet and wrote:

"The wallet is a great piece and the craftsmanship impressive.
The pockets are fine and the sleeve under the licence is a good place for bank cards and drivers licence, meaning the pilots licence wallet has become a good, everyday wallet". 

Since designing the wallet for Harley and taking a few samples to Warbirds over Wanaka, the Sparrowhawk NZCAA Pilots Licence and Medical Certificate wallet has become a popular pilot's gift.

Sparrowhawk Leather NZ by Fiona Ritchie's made to order, personalised NZ CAA Pilot Licence & Medical Certificate wallet from $165.
Save $20 when you commission a matching NZCAA Logbook Cover with your Licence wallet. NZCAA Logbook & Licence / Medical Certificate Wallet Combo - Hand Finished Leather

Due to popular demand from Australian Pilots, Fiona has also designed a CASA (Australia) Licence Folder Cover - Hand Finished Leather - 1 Colour