Fiona hand stitches most of Sparrowhawk Leather's leather pieces using a traditional two needle, locking saddle stitch with 4 ply Irish Linen waxed thread

Sparrowhawk Leather hand stitches leathergoods using a 2 needle locking saddle stitch

Document Folio (single gusset) work in progress at hand stitching stage. View Sparrowhawk Leather Document Folios

The diamond shape hole with the thick thread, provides an unmistakable, feature look and exceptional strength that can not be replicated on a sewing machine

Sparrowhawk Leather handstitches products using a two needle saddle stitch

Waxed Irish linen thread in a range of colours

While the pieces featured on Sparrowhawk's website mostly feature the more popular thread colours of black, butterscotch and bone, there is a wide choice of stitching colours to choose from, including red and blue. Such a range of colours are not usually available on machine stitched pieces. 

Fiona Ritchie, Leather Artisan, Sparrowhawk Leather

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