Sparrowhawk Leather pieces are handmade from
100% Full Grain Leather.

Only 100% Full Grain leather has the unique character grain and lasting strength you expect from quality leathergoods. 

Our Leather Artisan, Fiona Ritchie, wouldn't work with anything else.

Sparrowhawk purchases whole hides from a respected leather wholesaler here in NZ, and many of our hides are tanned at New Zealand's Tasman Leather.

Sparrowhawk's hand embossed and hand dyed pieces are made from 100% full grain, uncoloured, "raw" leather, known as russet or vegetable tanned leather. This is the strongest, most durable leather available. Full grain leather retains the original grain and brand marks from the animal, and Fiona's hand rubbed dyeing highlights the grain, giving each piece a unique character and texture. Over time Sparrowhawk's hand finished pieces develop a softer touch and patina which can not be imitated.

See below a Premium Pilot Logbook Cover's progression from undyed, vegetable tanned (russet) leather, through hand rubbed dyeing, to the finished product. 

Work In Progress Sparrowhawk Leather vegetable tanned russet pilot logbook cover  

 Work in progress hand dyed pilot logbook cover Sparrowhawk Leather handmade in NZ

 Sparrowhawk Leather handmade pilot logbook cover premium wrap closure

 Full Grain, Vegetable Tanned Leather, hand dyed by Sparrowhawk
Strongest and most durable, patina develops with use
Widest choice of hand dyed colours and finishes to highlight unique grain

Hand carving, embossed initials, laser engraving, nameplates

Click here to learn more about Sparrowhawk Leather's hand rubbed dyeing process.

Leather is a "living material" and can need a little care.

The greatest danger is when leather "dries out". It can lose its suppleness and develop cracks. It is good practice to condition your leather. The frequency will depend on whether the leather is exposed to warmth, or the sun, the frequency of handling and the type of leather.

When you receive your Sparrowhawk Leather order, we will include Care Instructions so you can care for your piece.

Hand Finished Leather care

Hand Finished leather needs the most care. Without regular handling, it may "dry out" over time. It should never be left in the sun as the hand rubbed colour may fade. 

Our Sparrowhawk Leather pieces are not of the type that are usually subject to "rough and tough" wear like shoes or a saddle. However, a few times a year, they would respond well to a natural, wax based leather conditioner.

Apply the leather conditioner sparingly. Make sure that you can "polish it off" with a dry cloth. It should not be sticky after you have finished. Avoid putting the leather conditioner on stitching. 

A natural wax or oil based leather conditioner will also enhance the colour and shine of your hand finished leather piece.

Fiona Ritchie

Leather Artisan, Sparrowhawk Leather, NZ