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Nubuck Leather

Moderate price - handle with care - laser engraving or nameplate

Nubuck Leather is a specific tannery finished, top grain leather, where the majority of the natural grain has been removed by sanding, resulting in a velvet like finish and then tannery dyed. Nubuck can stain from grease and is not usually suitable for everyday use items such as a wallet. However, given the care with which pilots handle their pilot logbooks, the Nubuck leather is "fit for purpose".


Left: Nubuck Leather pilot's logbook cover with laser engraved wings and name
Centre: Nubuck Leather pilot's logbook cover open with hand embossed & dyed Sparrowhawk Leather patch
Right: Nubuck Leather pilot's logbook cover with Black on Brass engraved nameplate

Nubuck leather is quite flexible, but can "hold its own shape" in a logbook cover. Sparrowhawk's Mocha Nubuck pilot logbook covers are available with Sparrowhawk's pilot wings and your name, or a Black on Brass nameplate. Nubuck leather can not be embossed or carved and is only available in one of the two pilot logbook cover options.

Nubuck Leather care

Prevention is better than cure for Nubuck leather. Nubuck will stain with grease. While there are water proof stain repellants available from companies such as Pelle Leather Care NZ, such as used for Nubuck shoes, careful handling with clean hands is essential. Pelle also stocks a Nubuck Cleaner. This may be used for spot cleaning, but not over the laser engraving.

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Fiona Ritchie, Leather Artisan, Sparrowhawk Leather