Moderate price - rustic/distressed look - laser engraving only

The Full Grain Aniline Leather that Sparrowhawk uses is a tannery finished leather which maintains the hide characteristics of raw leather. It is tannery dyed with soluable dyes, without covering the surface with a topcoat or varnish. Sparrowhawk's "whisky" and "black" pure Aniline leather has an oiled finish, and can become marked with scratches giving it a rustic, distressed look. These "marks" can be "rubbed out' with your finger.

 Aniline leather pilot logbook cover, book cover (customer laser engraving)
& passport sleeve.

Aniline leather is flexible, but can "hold its own shape", so is suitable for bookcovers and also is a very attractive portfolio /compendium cover. Sparrowhawk Leather's "whisky" aniline leather pieces are suitable for laser engraving text and images, such as logos and pictures. Aniline leather can not be embossed or carved, and is unsuitable for high handling items such as for wallets.

Aniline leather portfolio / compendium with custom laser engraving

Aniline leather bookcover with custom laser engraving as featured in the
Revology promotional video (view here)
 (Thank you to Sparrowhawk Leather customer, Monique Kelly, Co-founder, Revology, Wanaka)

Aniline Leather care

Aniline Leather generally will not dry out, as it is infused with oils. This does mean it can scratch with use giving it a distressed finish. If you prefer a smooth finish, in most cases you can rub the affected spot with your finger and the heat and natural oils in your finger will smooth out the scratch.

Do not use leather conditioners on Aniline Leather as the oil in the leather conditioner may leave dark spots on the leather.

Fiona Ritchie
Leather Artisan, Sparrowhawk Leather, NZ