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Embossed Initials, Numbers & Dates

Your Sparrowhawk Leather hand made piece can be personalised with embossed initials, numbers and dates. Here is a description of the hand embossing process. Sparrowhawk Leather only embosses the leather pieces it makes.* (see below)

  • Only effective on hand finished leather before dyeing
  • Can not be applied to pre-made / finished pieces* (see below)
  • Can not be applied to tannery finished leathers
  • Upper case (capital) letters available (limit of 4 letters)
  • Small & Large numbers including numeric date available
  • Pilot wings for Pilot's items
Embossing is a personalisation option for Sparrowhawk Leather's Mens Wallets (including numeric date), Women's Wallets, Diary / Journal / Book Covers, Portfolios, Document Folders, Pilot Logbook covers & Pilot Licence Wallets (including pilot wings),

     I hand emboss initials using a rawhide mallet and individual embossing stamps.

     These stamps are only effective when applied to raw, undyed, vegetable tanned leather (my hand finished pieces). The dyeing also enhances the embossing by leaving the letters "undyed" and highlighted.

    This means, I can not pre-make pieces for later embossing, and I can not emboss tannery finished leathers. I use Engraved Plates, or Laser Engraving (where suitable) for personalisation of Tannery Finished Leather pieces. 

    The letters I use are the only modern / classic / corporate look letters I have found and are only available in capitals. There are no lower case letters available.

    It's tricky to align the letters, particularly when each letter is applied individually using a rawhide mallet. For this reason I prefer to stamp dots in between the letters and limit the number of letters to 4.

    Fiona Ritchie, Leather Artisan, Sparrowhawk Leather

    (Personalisation is one of the qualities that makes your handmade Sparrowhawk Leather piece unique. I only emboss the Sparrowhawk Leather pieces I make and do not make personalised patches or labels to apply to mass produced or other premade pieces).