Cost effective pilot "wings" embossing

A pilot's wings are a symbol of rank and achievement.

At Sparrowhawk, our wings are only available on pilot's leathergoods.

To date, I've hand carved our wings, or had them engraved (with the pilot's initials in the centre circle).

Now, expert NZ leather embossing stamp artisan, Noel Kelly, is crafting a metal stamp for our wings. I will be able to hand emboss our wings on Sparrowhawk's hand finished Pilot's logbook covers, and accessories.  This stamped embossing will be an easier, more affordable option than hand carving

It's taken me some time to devise a new wings centre circle design. It needed to be modern, relevant and to give a sharp, clear impression when embossed on leather. Eventually I incorporated the "compass rose" as an international symbol for all pilots.

Noel will also be crafting a Sparrowhawk embossing stamp, incorporating our Sparrowhawk logo. This will feature discreetly on Sparrowhawks hand finished leathergoods.

Best, Fiona



The new embossing wings and Sparrowhawk logo stamps will be available on leathergoods ordered for completion from mid November 2014.