Rave reviews for new Hawk Calf Leather Wallets

When Fiona responded to the call for next day sending men's genuine leather wallets (after all those Birthday's and Anniversaries that sneak up on leather lovers), she never expected the rave reviews from new owners!

Hawk trifold full grain calf soft leather mens wallet nz

With the hand embossing, hand dyeing and handstitching of her Sparrowhawk Leather handmade, personalised wallets, she couldn't offer a next day service. So Fiona decided to design and commission her Hawk full calf leather wallet as an affordable ready to send wallet complementing her Sparrowhawk Leather handmade to order wallets. It was a difficult decision as she had to be sure any wallet was 100% leather, and lived up to her exacting standards.

With over 10 years experience as leather artisan, Fiona knows leathergoods quality covers many factors. The robustness of the internal structure of the piece, the appropriateness of the materials, the quality of the assembly and stitching, and of course the quality of the leather. 100% full grain, calf leather was her preference, as it's smaller pores means it is thin, strong and doesn't stretch, with a fine grain. Being genuine full grain leather, as each hide retained its natural characteristics, each Hawk Mens Leather Wallet would be individual, the rich Whisky colour would highlight this unique feature. Fiona knew that over time the leather would continue to develop its unique patina further enhancing the wallet's individuality

As she was intending Hawk Mens Wallets to be a full calf leather wallet, and therefore a lighter wallet, Fiona decided on a trifold design for the first Hawk Mens Calf Leather wallet. She knew that while Trifold wallets can hold more cards than a bifold wallet, trifold wallets have a reputation for being bulkier. Her Hawk Trifold Calf Leather Mens wallet would have an astounding 14 credit card slots and licence / ID display in addition to its full sized note pocket, with its full calf leather construction making the wallet light and compact (folding to 110mm high x 92mm wide).


 Fiona approached the boutique Australian leatherworkers, who have been making the calf leather inners for her Sparrowhawk Leather handmade to order wallets since 2016. She'd met them at a leather artisans conference and learned that their calf leather wallet inners are used by the world's best leather artisans, including US Sheridan Leather artisans. It only got better when she found out they were originally Kiwi's! With continuing five star reviews about Sparrowhawk Leather personalised men wallets, including the calf leather inners Fiona used, she was confident about the Hawk Trifold Wallet's quality.   

 Hawk full grain leather trifold mens wallet nz

 Since introducing the Hawk Trifold Mens wallet, Fiona's received rave reviews from customers:

Great Quality
Absolutely amazing wallet
You can see the beautiful work that has been put into it to create a quality piece of art that should definitely last my lifetime

Appreciated Gift
The wallets are beautifully crafted and wonderful gift.
We gave this wallet to our sons best friends on his 21st and he thought it was one of the best presents he got. He was very impressed with how well it was made.

Excellent Value
For the money, it’s very reasonable and is better than any R.M or any other “boutique” R and G wallet of which I've had both. It smells of real leather and each of the card pouches are in fact staggered which is unheard of. It reeks high quality.

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 Since the introduction and popularity of the Hawk Trifold Mens Wallet, Fiona has introduced a Hawk Leather Passport Wallet in the same rich Whisky Calf Leather. Extremely lighweight, with the same  discreet Hawk emblem, the Hawk Full Grain Calf Leather Travel Wallet is proving a valued travel accessory and popular travellers leather gift.

 Hawk full grain calf leather passport wallet New Zealand for Sparrowhawk Leather

 Another ready to ship leather gift item, for 3rd wedding anniversaries, graduation gifts, or staff gifts is the new Hawk Leather Journal Cover. Its leather wrap around cover with magnetic closure, penholder and card pockets makes the Whisky calf full grain leather A5 Notebook Cover a valued companion and protector of your moleskine notebook. 

Full grain Leather cover for Moleskine A5 Large notebook  Sparrowhawk NZ

 Thank you for reading about my products.

Fiona Ritchie, Leather Artisan, Sparrowhawk Leather