Five "Matching" Leather Bookcovers

When a lady pilot wanted a custom made library of 5 "matching" leather bookcovers. Sparrowhawk Leather's Artisan, Fiona Ritchie told her that as Sparrowhawk Leather hand dyed its premium pieces, each cover would have the same depth of Medium Brown colour with a uniquely beautiful grain pattern.

Most leathergoods are made of the top grain and factory dyed leather where the aim has been to produce a uniform finish by removing, 'painting over' or hiding the leather's grain. The difference with Sparrowhawk Leather's bespoke leather pieces, is the aim is to enhance the beauty of leather's unique grain character, which is as individual as a human fingerprint, by using un-dyed leather and hand dyeing each piece as it was made.

Fiona said she had a whole un-dyed leather hide just big enough to cut all the lady pilot's book covers with interesting grain characteristics across the hide. Fiona's would highlight the grain of each cover using the hand rubbed dyeing technique Fiona had perfected over the last 6 years to produce a coordinating but individual finish for each book cover. Fiona's process for the Medium Brown bookcovers involved a 5 step dyeing process including final antique and sealer.

 See the process below:

 Hand cut, initials embossed and tooled undyed Sparrowhawkleather book covers   Hand rubbed dyeing technique Sparrowhawk Leather handmade in NZ 1st dye

Hand cut and embossed leather          1st hand rubbed dye application

Sparrowhawk Leather NZ hand rubbed dyeing technique second application    Sparrowhawk Leather logbook cover hand rubbed leather dyeing technque 3rd application

 2nd hand rubbed dye application        3rd hand rubbed dye application

  4th hand rubbed dyeing application Sparrowhawk Leather handmade in NZ Pilot Logbook covers  After antique finish and sealer Sparrowhawk Leather NZ

 4th hand rubbed dye application        Antique and sealer

Sparrowhawk Leather Pilot Logbook cover collection cut from the same hide, hand rubbed dyeing

 Finished leather book cover "library", the "same" but each cover with its individual grain and embossing characteristics, all hand embossed, hand dyed and hand stitched.

 The lady pilot was thrilled with her bookcover library and wrote:

They are just perfect, thank you so very much!
My logbooks are all now wearing their new clothes and they look so smart and professional, and the Pilot Licence and Medical Certificate Wallet too.

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