Because sometimes you need it sent tomorrow...

A relative’s surprise birthday party. An overseas traveller leaving at the end of the week. A colleague unexpectedly moving on to a new role. These were some of the short order gift occasions faced by Sparrowhawk Leather customers.

Knowing they couldn’t find anything approaching Sparrowhawk Leather’s quality in the shops, and leather artisan Fiona does her best, but needs time to make their order, they contacted Fiona seeking a solution.

With over 10 years experience, Fiona knows leathergoods quality covers many factors. The robustness of the internal structure of the piece, the appropriateness of the materials, the quality of the assembly and stitching, and of course the authenticity and quality of the leather.

With requests for “short order” men’s wallets, passport wallets and bookcovers, Fiona approached the boutique Australian leatherworkers, who have been making calf leather inners for her Sparrowhawk Leather handmade to order wallets since 2016. She'd met these leatherworkers at a leather artisans conference and learned that their calf leather wallet and portfolio inners are used by the world's best leather artisans, including US Sheridan Leather artisans. It only got better when she found out they were originally Kiwi's!


When they started discussing making the Hawk range of mens wallets, passport wallets and notebook folios, they agreed on full grain Calf leather in a distinctive whisky colour for its lightness and durability. Of course, without the solid colour “paint” used to disguise split leathers, the individual full grain leather used in each Hawk leather piece makes it unique.


 Being made in small batches, "Hawk" wallets, passport wallets and A5 Journal covers are great value. The wallets even come in a complementary Presentation Box.

ORDER: Hawk Compact Men's Trifold Wallet $179

ORDER: Hawk Lightweight Passport Wallet $129

The Wrap Closure A5 Notebook Cover can be purchased as a combo complete with Moleskine Notebook and your choice of Pierre Cardin Ballpen.

Full grain Leather cover for Moleskine A5 Large notebook  Sparrowhawk NZ

Hawk by Sparrowhawk Leather NZ Moleskine journal cover save 15% on Notebook and Pen Purchase

ORDER: Hawk Wrap Closure A5 Notebook Cover - Pen & Notebook Combo $279

Whether the occasion was unexpected, the date slipped your mind, or you’ve searched and haven’t found anything approaching Sparrowhawk Leather’s quality, our distinctive “Hawk” Calf Leather products could be the highly appreciated special gift, couriered to you the next day


Fiona Ritchie, Leather Artisan, Sparrowhawk Leather