Name and / or Logo personalisation of your Sparrowhawk Leather piece is available through engraved name plates.

Sparrowhawk Leather's Black on Brass or Mirror Finish stainless steel engraved nameplates provide stylish & distinctive personalisation of your handmade Sparrowhawk Leather piece.

For Corporate Branding, our Black on Brass nameplates also allow you to display your corporate logo, perfect for Diary Covers and Portfolios.

Pilots may choose the handmade logbook cover style with Sparrowhawk's Wings Brevet Plate with centred initials. 

Your personalised engraved plate is riveted onto your Sparrowhawk Leather piece during the making process. 
Sparrowhawk only applies engraved plates to the leather pieces it makes* (see below).

    Here are the elements for successful nameplate design:
    • Simple "black on white" logos
    • Engraved on Black on Brass plates
    • Maximum image size 65mm high x 20mm wide
    • Logo appears a reverse image
    • Suitable for Portfolios & Bookcovers / Diary Covers


    Simple logos  "black on white" logos can be engraved on Black on Brass plates. Therefore, the logo appears as "reversed out" on the plate.

    As there are only two rivets, and given design considerations, plates should be a maximum of 80mm wide x 30mm high, so the image will be a maximum of 65 mm high x 20 mm wide

    In order to have a clear images, the lines should not be too fine for engraving and the image should be a minimum file size of 1200 pixels wide.

    The logo must be provided as a:

     .jpg, png, tif or eps file

     solid black image on white

    minimum size of 1200 pixels wide

    Name fonts must also provided as an image file 800 pixel image file (.jpg, .png, tif, eps) or selected from our list of Standard Black on Brass nameplate fonts below.

    Black on Brass nameplate fonts
    (there is a drop down menu for you to specify your font on your order):

    Ladies items

                          Monotype Corsiva


     Men's item


                               Times New Roman

    Other fonts will attract an additional charge of $20. The name in the font must be provided as a 800 pixel image file (.jpg, .png, tif, eps)

    You can Contact Me if you would to check your font is suitable and then organise to provide your name / font file for the additional charge.

    Please Contact Fiona for more information about engraved logo plates or for a estimate.

     (* Personalisation is one of the qualities that makes your handmade Sparrowhawk Leather piece unique. I only apply our engraved nameplates to the Sparrowhawk Leather pieces I make. I do not to apply our engraved nameplates to mass produced or other premade pieces by others).