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Give a Blue & Chrome Noblesse pen gift with Sparrowhawk Leather personalised Pilot Logbook Cover
Pierre Cardin gift box with Noblesse Pen from Sparrowhawk Leather NZ

Noblesse Blue & Chrome Ball Pen
by Pierre Cardin
in Presentation Box

Black ink ballpoint pen

When ordering their Sparrowhawk Leather's handmade, personalised, leather Journal cover or Pilot Logbook Cover as a special gift, some customers like to include an attractive pen to complete the gift package. This is particularly important if the customer's specifications for their made to order Sparrowhawk Leather Book or Logbook cover includes a penholder.

We now offer a moderately priced, stylish range of Pierre Cardin designed ballpoint pens, with presentation boxes to accompany your handmade leather book cover gift.  The ballpoint pens write with black ink which is the most popular colour, and preferred for Pilot Logbooks, as black ink can be clearly scanned

Pierre Cardin was a trained architect before he started his fashion design career under Christian Dior. The Noblesse Pen has simple, clean lines which appeal to both men and women. The clips are springloaded to be secure in a pen holder, while the high build lacquer on the barrel gives a richer depth of colour. The Red and Black cardboard presentation box is perfect for gift giving.

Order your Noblesse Ball pen by Pierre Cardin here, and then order your Sparrowhawk Leather Journal / Bookcover or Pilot Logbook Cover.


Noblesse Blue & Chrome Ball Pen by Pierre Cardin in Presentation Box

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