Tiger Moth Biplane - Ply Kitset Model - Designed & Made by Model Tech NZ

Tiger Moth Plywood kitset Model

$46 USD

    The Perfect Gift for Tiger Moth & WWI Warbirds Enthusiasts

    Designed by NZ Artist & Sculptor Clovis Viscoe, and made by Modeltech NZ

    Clovis, Judith and Modeltech have been making have been making laser cut kitset models for years.

    Having that experience and being a renowned sculptor, Clovis took on the challenge of designing a Tiger Moth kitset plane and the result is unique and inspired.

    Tiger Moth Bi-Plane Plywood Model kitset

    > Measurements: 32.5 x 28cm when assembled
    > Made of 1.8 mm strong, sustainable plywood
    > No glue is required, just slot together
    > Comes in a flatpack with instructions on assembly
    > May be painted as you wish
    Suitable for Adults and Children aged 10 years +

    The Tiger Moth was introduced to New Zealand both as an Air Force trainer and as a training aircraft at Club level. With WWII looming, production was started at De Havilland NZ’s plant at Rongotai, Wellington. Under the Commonwealths Elementary Flying Training School (E.F.T.S.) scheme, thousands of pilots, not only Kiwis, were trained in New Zealand at various airfields. In total, 345 DH82’s were built at Rongotai, establishing a solid base for the survival of the Tiger Moth into the modern era.
    After the war, with lots of war-trained pilots returning, Tiger Moths were used for all sorts of commercial activity, from flight training to topdressing, this archetypal Kiwi way of spreading superphosphate fertiliser, and aerial pest baiting / control.
    A healthy number of Tiger Moths are kept flying today by enthusiasts including NZ's Tiger Moth Club.

    Sources: The Tiger Moth Story, Bramson/Birch; De Havilland Aircraft Since 1909, A.J.Jackson; Vintage Aeroplanes in NZ, J.King, https://tigermothclub.co.nz/history/tigers-in-nz/

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