Revology : a book cover for a film

Monique Kelly of Revology, the Wanaka design Tech start up company had a vision.

As co-founder, of Revology, whose flax fibre tube and bio material based bentwood chair is set to transform the sustainable furniture sector, Monique wanted a promotional video that portrayed the journey from concept to invention. She wanted to tell the concept development story using the prop of a leather covered sketchbook.

Explaining her idea to Fiona, the two developed a book cover design with a traditional, natural heritage theme and the Revology logo strategically placed. Given the short time frame until filming, Fiona hand delivered her cover to the laser engravers and got up at 3am to finish the work when helicopter filming was brought forward for the weather.

Monique's comments on receiving the cover "Thanks for your help with this Fiona, the book is perfect. It is going up in helicopter tomorrow and filming will start!"

The promotional video is inspiring with the rustic bookcover, the magnificent Wanaka scenery and the amazing Revology chair working in harmony.

Sparrowhawk Leather by Fiona Ritchie's custom made Aniline Leather journal cover, with laser engraving and butterscotch stitching.