Quite probably NZ's best leather desk pad

Why a desk pad?

As a business owner, I originally thought desk pads (desk mats) were just a gimmick, probably just for gamers. For some time now I have received requests for leather desk pads from all levels of computer users so decided to investigate and evaluate the benefits of desk pads.

I learned that even the lowest quality synthetic or "pu leather" desk pad or desk mat should eliminate your need for a separate mousepad, at the same time defining your workspace and providing a non slip writing surface. This is particularly useful if you have a laptop, use a monitor and a screen (or even two screens). When working with multi paged electronic documents, or working with photos and graphics, you can need a larger mouse glide area than your mousepad provides.  Defining your workspace using your desk pad (desk mat) can be particularly useful in a home office.

What is the best leather desk pad (mat) in NZ?

There's no doubt that working on your computer can be fatiguing. I search for ways to make my "writing" and business management an easier and more pleasant experience. Considering the benefits of desk pads, I concluded a non slip, smoother and more cushioned surface, that would protect my desk could improve my management work experience.

To meet my standards for performance and aesthetics, my desk pad had to be crafted from full grain leather with its amazing smell, feel and good looks. As an leather artisan with over 10 years experience, I specifically selected a vegetable tanned leather that was thick and spongy, yet malleable, would not indent when writing on paper with a ball point pen, and would have a non slip backing. I read that 60 cms x 30 cms was an optimal size. I chose to hand craft my Sparrowhawk Leather NZ Desk pad from premium leather Buffalo Belting leather hide, and here's why:

1. Beautifully Smooth surface for mouse glide
A smoother surface for easier mouse gliding can help reduce drag friction and therefore fatigue.  As you use your mouse, it polish's your full grain Buffalo leather Sparrowhawk NZ deskpad so that the surface actually becomes smoother. 

Picture below, mousemats made from the same Buffalo leather. New mousemat on the left, my husband's 3 month old mousemat on the right.

2. Won't indent when writing on paper with a ball point pen
Traditionally, the thin leather insert in antique wooden desks was designed for the delicate writing technique necessary with using a quill or fountain pen. In the 1950's the ball point pen was introduced, with its narrower nib and pressure required to roll the ball resulted in paper. Since then, the best solution to avoid paper slip and pen indentation has been the paper blotter. This is not compatible with a keyboard or computer as the your forearms scuff the edges of the paper ad it looks old fashioned. Desk pads should solve the problem but synthetic, and thinner leather deskpads tend to indent and even a thick glued backing won't prevent this. Sparrowhawk's premium Buffalo Belting full grain leather doesn't easily indent as the 3.6mm hide thickness means the compressed leather fibres provide cushioning and structure to the mat. While your mouse will glide around your Sparrowhawk NZ leather desk pad, your paper won't slip on its smooth leather surface.

 3. Increased cushioned comfort, and less joint fatigue
Sparrowhawk Leather NZ's desk mat 3.6mm thick Buffalo Belting leather has an almost spongy feel, being softer on your wrists than thinner leather or synthetic (vinyl, PU leather, vegan leather) desk mats. Sparrowhawk NZ's leather desk mat's cushioning has ergonomic benefits particularly if you work for long hours at your desk. 


 Order your Buffalo Leather Desk Pad $195 + shipping

4. Non slip back (that's not glued on like others)
Sparrowhawk Leather NZ's deskmat has a smooth coating finishing the underside of the full grain Buffalo leather, providing a matt, non slip surface. Inferior desk mats can have another material glued to the back, such as felt or wool. Even if the top surface is "leather", and the pad is perimeter stitched this glue is a point of weakness in the desk pad's durability and longevity. 

5. Protects your desk from electronics' heat and scratching
If you enjoy working on your valued wooden desk, particularly in your home office, you may be concerned that your laptop's battery heat plus general office wear and tear may damage your desk. While your Sparrowhawk leather full grain leather desk pad NZ needs some consideration to avoid scratching, its 3.6mm thickness provides a barrier that conserves your prized desk.

Order your Buffalo Leather Desk Pad  $195 + shipping

6. A perfectly flat surface
Once your Sparrowhawk Leather NZ Buffalo leather desk pad arrives, it won't need a few days to flatten like other inferior desk mat sellers advise. Neither will its edges curl up as the thick, full grain hide is a solid piece and the only way the grain can bend is downwards towards your desk. I ship your firm but malleable full grain leather desk pad tightly rolled and bound with a ribbon. Once unrolled its thick profile will naturally flatten onto your desk providing a perfectly flat surface.   


7. Investment in luxury that only improves with use and time

 It was important to me that my leather desk pad complemented and elevated my workspace.I didn't want to end up with some slippery, thin, tatty mat with a  degrading surface, unravelling machine stitching, and fraying at the edges as the backing came apart (if it had any). I also had enough plastic in my life, so wanted a natural surface that resisted wear and tear.

My sophisticated Whisky Buffalo leather desk pad, exudes a sense of luxury and professionalism that is simply unmatched by other materials. Its simple, clean design, enhanced by embossing my initials in the bottom right hand corner suits any kind of desk decor, be it modern, mid century or classic. Its smells wonderful, and its robust material develops a polished patina over time.

For its comfort, practicality, durability and aesthetic pleasure of its good looks, the Sparrowhawk Leather NZ Buffalo Leather Desk Pad is a great investment in your workspace amenity. Like one of our Doctor purchasers, you'll "love the quality".

Order your Buffalo Leather Desk pad $195 + Shipping

Fiona Ritchie, Leather Artisan, Sparrowhawk Leather