Snap closure + licence pocket + penholder = standout logbook cover

Want to give a pilot logbook cover like no other?

Roger did when his partner, Sarah went solo.

A combination of a bold hand dyed leather colour, and stitching thread choice, plus a penholder, licence pocket and snap closure resulted in a truly unique cover. 

This kind of personalisation can only be achieved when covers are 100% hand made to  order from "raw" russet leather like those in Sparrowhawk Leather's Pilot Logbook Cover Premium Book Closure  collection. Leather artisan, Fiona Ritchie has developed 5 designs which she can personalise with your name or initials, hand dye and hand stitched in your choice of colours and enhance with your choice of options. 

So what did Roger choose?
1. Pilot Logbook Cover - Embossed small wings & intials
2. Azure blue leather with buttterscotch stitching
3. Snap closure
4. Single pen holder
5. NZCAA (credit card sized) pilot licence holder
(See pictures below)


Azure Blue hand dyed leather with Butterscotch stitching and antique brass
snap closure

Single penholder with snap closure      NZCAA pilot licence pocket (front cover)
(back cover)                                                credit card size

Sparrowhawk Leather's Premium Book closure logbook covers can be made to fit international pilot logbooks. Specify you size when ordering.

Fiona and International Airline Training Captain, Nick, will be on their honeymoon in March 2017. Please commission your logbook cover before 20 February 2017.