Sparrowhawk's Leather Artisan, Fiona Ritchie, selects each full grain leather hide for its unique grain character which she believes is as individual as a human fingerprint. 

For her premium, hand dyed pieces, Fiona only cuts pieces from the hide as commissions are received. This way she can visualise the grain on the finished piece. Her aim is to enhance the grain by hand rubbing her customer's chosen dye colour into the "raw" hide, producing an individual finish that cannot be replicated. Click here to learn more about Sparrowhawk Leather's hand dyeing process.

As a leather artisan, Fiona has mastered time-honoured leatherwork techniques. This includes taking the time to hand-stitch pieces using a 2 needle saddle stitch, and carefully burnishing edges. The result is Sparrowhawk Leather's distinctive, robust quality leathergoods and emails from delighted customers.

To add to the individuality of Sparrowhawk Leather's pieces, there are personalisation options. These can include hand embossed initials, engraved nameplates and laser engraved logos and pictorials.

Hundred of pilots trust and treasure their unique Sparrowhawk Leather Pilot Logbook covers. Devoted wives and husbands, proud parents, close families and friends, work colleagues, business owners, and individuals who appreciate quality, have commissioned personalised wallets, diary or journal covers & document holders as very special gifts or as small daily luxuries for themselves.